Deep Clean and Disinfection Service to Reopen America

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Transportation disinfection has become essential during the Covid-19 pandemic. Transportation plays an important role in the economy, moving goods and people around the city. Transportation disinfection can’t be overlooked when it comes to public transportation, aviation, work and delivery vehicles. Ensuring safety for drivers and products is a top priority for the Disinfector and it should be for you, too. Trust the Disinfector to keep your drivers and goods safe. 

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Empty and clean lobby entrance


The Disinfector is well versed in the transportation industry. Our highly trained disinfecting specialists are experts when it comes to cleaning ticket machines, ticket offices, escalators, door handles, handrails, bathrooms, waiting areas and public seating within the public transportation industry. 


Keeping public transportation safe is essential to stopping the spread of Coronavirus. There are many benefits to disinfecting public transportation, including keeping your workers safe and helping other workers without personal vehicles a means of getting to work.

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