Deep Clean and Disinfection Service to Reopen America

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We CAN clean

Minor stain on upholstered furniture and rugs. This must be disclosed during booking by the customer so that the cleaner could come prepared with an appropriate product. Such request should be added in the booking notes. This will be considered a deep cleaning or we would need to switch to an hourly rate.

Minor mildew in the shower/bathroom. When tile/grout hasn’t been cleaned properly in a couple months, there might accumulate mildew and the client might request grout/tile cleaning. Such a job would be considered as deep cleaning/hourly job and details must be checked/disclosed by the client at the time of booking.

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Empty and clean lobby entrance


Disinfector understands that not every space is the same. We provide a thorough and customized quote for you to make the right decisions for your need. Some additional spaces we service include:

We CAN’T clean:

Thorough professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. We don’t carry specialized machines to perform this task and as a result,  we have no experience with it. We also don’t do steam cleaning even if customer provides own machine.

Detailed grout and tile scrubbing. Such job should be performed with orbital brush drill attachments and we don’t carry those.Exterior window cleaning. Such work should be preformed by a professional window cleaning company since they carry all necessary instruments and appropriate ladders. Cleaning outside windows with spray and rugs may result in minor scratches and extra liability for us.

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